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Bible Quizzing

Magnolia Apostolic Tabernacle - The Pentecostals of Magnolia - Pastor Steve WehrleBible Quizzing consists of three divisions. The Junior division is for children ages 4-11. The Senior Intermediate division is for ages 12-14 (or for first time quizzers, regardless of age) and the Senior Experienced division is for ages 15-18.

Each quizzer must memorize a set number of Bible verses, word for word, and be able to answer questions on the content of each verse. The Bible Quiz Ministry is a powerful tool in building the future of the Apostolic Church. By hiding the Word in our hearts through our time spent memorizing the Scriptures, we become empowered to witness and evangelize our lost and desperate world.

As a part of Bible Quizzing, we experience fellowship with other quizzers from all over the country. We gain better, more focused study skills which also help us academically. We learn to become a team player, helping build up one another’s potential to be the best! We are given the opportunity to travel, not only to many areas of our own state, but to other states as well in order to participate in a very competitive, yet, Godly activity. Most importantly, we strive to become well prepared individuals, blessed by God, to take this Word out into our community and spread the Good News that Christ came to save us!

Traveling with our Quiz Teams also requires a considerable amount of financial support. We appreciate the involvement of those who have helped us in our fundraising efforts. We believe including the quizzers in the fundraising events helps to build a sense of ownership and responsibility for our teams. We hope that you will help us build up these wonderful qualities in our children through your continued support and prayers.

For information about the Bible Quiz Ministry, see the calendar of events or email us at

You may also contact the staff and coaches through the church office.